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Can We “Butter You Up” with A New Product & A Sale? :)

by • January 25, 2014

Natural Body Butter Group ShotJust in time for Valentine’s Day, we are so happy to announce a brand new NuMe Natural Soap product… Body Butter! We chose 6 of our favorite scents to start with: Lavender Vanilla, Lavender Rose, Honey Almond, Sandalwood, Coconut Lime, & (New) Strawberries!

These body butters are amazing at moisturing your skin with only simple, healthy, non-toxic, preservative-free ingredients. More and more good news is coming out about coconut oil and its health and beauty benefits. We couldn’t agree more, which is why coconut oil is a main ingredient in our body butters. Afterall, 60% of the products we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bodies.Lavender Vanilla Natural Body Butter

We haved often been asked if our soaps leave your skin fragrant after bathing? Some do. Some don’t. So, we wanted to create a layering effect by offering an accompanying fragrant lotion or body butter that had staying power. Through our research, we discovered that creating an all-natural lotion (without preservatives or chemicals) is almost impossible. We could make it, but it would only last a very short time. But body butter can last about 6 months or more because it has no water content. The best part is you have a product that is clean and amazingly good for your skin! It even works great melted in your bath water!Lavender Rose Natural Body Butter

Have we enticed you to give it a try? If so, use the code BUTTERMEUP for 15% off your body butter order through Valentine’s Day!


Lemon Butter Sage Now Available In Our Online Store!

by • October 29, 2013

Lemon Butter Sage Soap

We are currently recovering from an action-packed weekend at the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA! We had a kickin’ booth thanks to all the help before, during, and after the show from our friends and family! And our customers came and came! We can’t thank everyone enough for your support.

Today, one of our customers from the Country Living Fair who bought Lemon Butter Sage soap, informed us that she loved it… needed more… but couldn’t find it on our website! So WE FIXED that :)

One of our newer soaps, Lemon Butter Sage is now available ONLINE HERE! And the mini is available here!

Stay clean!


GOOD to the Last Drop + Coming Soon

by • August 28, 2012

Dianne and I are over to moon when we hear from our customers and other NuMe lovers.  We’ve found over time that we’re getting some of the same questions from folks – ‘I LOVE the soap, but only have a little sliver left – what am I supposed to DO with it?’   This is music to our ears !!  For one:  it means that we can hook them up with some more awesome soap – maybe even a scent they haven’t tried before – Two:  we can share the many, many ways that we’ve found to use your bars down to the last drop.  {YEP – we’re totally into repurposing around here.}    It’s a fabulous luxury to place a sliver of any of our Lavender soaps in your pillowcase – Lavender is a relaxing and soothing scent.   While you’re running your bathwater (yes, take some YOU time and take a soaking bath)  toss in a small piece of soap, making the water silky and leaving your skin nourished and smooth.

Summertime in Georgia

Have a sports bag that might be smell’n a little funky – you know what to do.  {I actually popped a small scrap in my son’s football bag with out him knowing!!  He’s none the wiser – but I’m not turning green anymore when I unzip the bag -Ewww.}  Make your dresser drawer smell fresh and clean because you’ve tucked a small piece back in the drawer.

This next one is my FAV.:::  I love summer and all, but aside from the heat, what I DON’T like are the BUGS !!  I ran across this little tidbit, thought I would try it — and low and behold — IT WORKED !!  Take a scrap or small piece that you have left over, wet it a little, then rub the damp piece directly on your skin.  The natural ingredients in our soap make the bug bites stop itching!!  Genius !! !! The first time that I actually tried this, I was literally driving down the road, had a slice of soap in my truck and started rubbing the dry bar on a bite.  It seemed to work instantly.  What a RELIEF !!  Other scents that the bugs aren’t crazy about are: Peppermint and Eucalyptus Mint.  Use these scents as an ‘all-over’ wash too and critters will be keeping their distance.  NIRVANA !! !!

We’ve shared a hand-full of secrets with you….. now for some fun we have in store for you this Fall from NuMe:)

COMING SOON:  Our online store is soon going to be having a NEW addition!!   Bit’s & Pieces are soon to become a must-have.’  These are individual bags with a hefty 15oz. of our natural soap tucked inside.  Each bag contains random selections of various sized soap Bits & Pieces – a piece from the end of a loaf, discontinued scents, experimental batch pieces – no two pieces are the same within one bag.  These bars are made with the same quality ingredients as all of our NuMe Natural Soap.  They’re not labeled or wrapped – so be prepared for a little surprise.  And….  you guessed it …. you can use it for the helpful hints that we’ve listed above:):)  Look for the addition to our store soon !! !!

Enjoy the rest of August:)                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Marie.

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