About Nume Soaps

Did you know that significant amounts of what you put on your skin are absorbed into your body? That’s why, at NuMe, we use only 100% natural ingredients.

Our soaps are made by hand, using pure plant and vegetable based oils, which have been carefully chosen to create a soap with excellent lathering, moisturizing, and cleansing abilities. The delightful fragrances of our soaps come from natural essential oils extracted from flowers and plants, and the beautiful colors and textures come from natural minerals and herbs. Every bar is enriched with Shea Butter for its superior moisturizing and skin healing abilities. Many of our customers have described that they no longer have to moisturize (as they did before with commercial brands) after using our soap in a bath or shower.

We use the old fashioned cold process soap making method, retaining the natural glycerin in our soaps, which help the skin to attract and retain its own natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft. Because our soaps contain no chemicals, detergents, or animal fats, they are safe and healthy for you, your family, and the world around you.

Each bar weighs approximately 5.5-6 ounces and is ideal for washing your body, face, and even your hair!


About Dianne & Marie

Dianne and Marie first met at The Paisley Farmhouse – a fabulous shop that Dianne owned tucked away in the horse-country of Milton, GA. There, Dianne and her daughters had the vision and boundless creativity to imagine a shop with one-of-a kind finds with a country-chic flair and a variety of goods from local artisans (such as NuMe Natural Soap)!

Marie started as a contributing artist at the shop selling handmade paper goods and stationary. Soon after, she joined the staff, and continued to grow as an artist as well as a business woman.

All Natural Handmade SoapNuMe Natural Soap was a best seller for The Paisley Farmhouse. Customers loved buying a little bar of luxury, beauty, aroma therapy, and health benefits for themselves or as gifts. Even men loved our soap!

Sadly, The Paisley Farmhouse closed in 2010, but little did they know that as one door was closing, another would soon open. The ‘new’ NuMe was on the horizon! Seven months later, Dianne and Marie purchased the soap business, and dove head-first into the world of cold-process soap making – from the blending of natural base oils to experimenting with amazing essential oils. They knew that they had a wonderful, healthy product to share with others and grow a business!

The blossoming of NuMe has definitely been a family affair that couldn’t have happened without their amazing, supportive, patient, and creative families. Dianne’s family has been literally building the business right along with Marie’s. From Dianne’s husband building soap molds and cutters, her son-in-law building our website, to her daughters adding their limitless artistic flair to the mix, the ideas keep flowing. Marie’s husband guided them through the legal side of the business and has been known to help pour a batch of soap every now and then, too. Needless to say, both homes are filled with the fragrant aromas of soap greeting you as you come through the door.


We are anxious to see NuMe grow, and we appreciate ALL of the encouragement we’ve both received from our families, friends, and also those that already know NuMe and have continued to follow us. We truly couldn’t do it without you, and we are working hard to continue NuMe’s bright future!

Pure, wholesome, & clean … that’s how we roll.

-Dianne and Marie