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A New Workshop for NuMe Natural Soap!

by • August 25, 2014
photo 2





We are super excited to share with everyone that Marie & I have finally moved our soap business into a real work shop!  We now lease a small space in Cumming, Georgia. It’s a little tucked back off the street but perfect for our soap making, order fulfilment center!  After 3 years of making all of our soap out of our homes, we now have a dedicated work space to better serve our customers!  While it worked for a while creating our soap out of our homes to fill all the retail and wholesale orders, it finally came to the point that we needed a central dedicated space to work under one roof, to streamline our process!  Now it’s nothing fancy mind you, but it works great for us and we are very proud and thankful it has come together as nicely as it has!  As you can see it’s come a long way from it’s beginnings to now!  I have to give a huge thank you to my husband Larry, for all the hard work he did building from scratch just about everything we ask for to have the set up we needed for our soap making workshop. Another special shout out to David (Marie’s hubby), for moving and hauling crazy heavy things, shopping for  appliances we needed, help with build out and always having our backs on the legal side of things!  We also want to say thank you to my son-in-law Ben for finding the space and sharing it with us, (Ben’s business Engine Industries is on the other side of the left wall here! Ben also helped in our build out and Shanda (my daughter), helped us get organized with signs and labeling!  So as you can see it was a family affair for sure!  P1070412IMG_7090

While we are not actually open to the public (we  mostly use the space for making soap and body butter and other NuMe products as well as order fulfillment and shipping), we will be having some days coming up where we occasionally open our doors to everyone who would like to stop by and see our new space as well as shop to their hearts content!

More on that soon I promise, stayed tuned! We thank all of you for your support and encouragement it means the world to us!  We have a lot cooking right now, so stay tuned for more info on events, shows, end of summer sales, contest and so much more we can’t wait to share with you!worktable2



Proud To Serve Our Military Families Near & Far!

by • March 14, 2014

Every now & then an order comes through that gets our attention in a different kind of way :)  Not to long ago, we received an order from Deanna Downs.  She was ordering a Valentine’s gift for her husband James. Come to find out this Military family , (originally from San Diego) is stationed in Japan!  Deanna, her husband and their two children Aiden and Alexa have been stationed there for almost a year.  One of the little things they miss being so far from home is running to Whole Foods to buy natural body products like they used to!  We were honored to ship her order out right away, because we now offer FPO AP (military) shipping!IMG_0543 (1)

We recently received this e-mail from Deanna:

Hi Dianne,

So sorry it has taken me this long to write and thank you. Your soaps are so amazing!! My husband and I love the scent of all three of them and I steal them from him all the time. My five year old son loves to wash his hair and body with them as well. Your soaps are going to be a family staple for us as long as you are happy to ship to us :). We greatly appreciate you adding the Body Butter in Sandalwood. It was so sweet of you. It smells so good and melts into your skin nicely and leaves a beautiful sheen.
Thank you so much Dianne, we could not be any happier with your products.
Deanna Downs
(Here is a family photo of us touring Sapporo on Valentine’s weekend)
Deanna also shared with us that her husband James Downs, has a passion for photograpy in his down time…check out this link below to see just how talented he is!

 What an honor to send our little handmade soap across the ocean to make a family that is one of our own, feel a little more relaxed and comforted,  while they make sacrafices defending our country, making it a safer place to live for each and every one of us here in the good ole USA! 

Kaleidosoap…..Check out our new way to upcycle!

by • September 9, 2013

upcycle  We are always looking for new and fun ways to recycle so we are very excited to introduce to you Kaleidosoap!  We have taken our soap loaf end pieces, and other odd remnants of soap that wouldn’t have had much use to us before and chopped and diced them into little pieces of soap, added them to our creamy wonderful soap base of coconut, olive,  palm and soy oils with shea butter and vitamin E added in to create this fun little bar of goodness!  No two bars are exactly the same!  You get a little surprise of different scents with each bar.  It’s a softer scent experience, so if you don’t prefer the stronger smelling scents, or you just can’t decide which scent is your favorite….. this is the bar for you!  You can order on line at with free shipping on orders over $25!  Hope you enjoy this new addition to our soap line!  Stay tunned for even more new scents about to be announced soon!


NuMe's Kaleidosoap

Everything’s BIGGER in Texas !!

by • July 25, 2013

Isn’t that what they say??  With Texas being SO big, we happened upon a FABULOUS hidden secret that we’d love to share.  The last time my family and I went to Louisiana to visit my folks, we made a day trip to Henderson, Texas, to check out a precious shop called Not So Shabby.  It’s located in downtown at 110 East Main, Henderson TX  75652.   If peering into their gorgeous front windows weren’t enough – stepping IN is a MUST.

Fabulous old wall sink:)

             Jena Williams and her creative team there at the shop have boundless creativity when it come to having an eye for unqiue items, not only to have in your home, but to wear too.  I’ve attached a little eye candy for y’all below… Shabby15

LOVE the ladders to use in the display:):)

LOVE the ladders to use in the display:):)


Beau-Ti-Ful :):)

Beau-Ti-Ful :):)

 For more information on their shop, you can check out their FB page – Not So Shabby:)  You can check out their page for more ‘happenings’ with them.  We’re SO pleased to have our very first store in Texas to carry NuMe – and the town of Henderson itself couldn’t be cuter:)

With the summer passing before we know it, there’s just enough time to grab a friend, pack a bag and hit the open road for a ‘Thelma & Louise’ road trip through the south.  Y’all enjoy the summer sun:) 


LimeLight on The Marietta Square

by • April 22, 2013

Spring in definitely in the air – thank goodness!!   Folks are getting out into their yards, letting the tops down on their cars and headed to the historic Marietta Square in Cobb County.  This turn of the centruy square is filled with specialty shopping and a variety of unique restaurants.  They’re having theater and museum events all-year-round!!  We’ve found a fabulous boutique that offers exactly what you’d expect in such a quaint area – it’s called LimeLight.  From the moment you walk in the door, you’re greeted with the warmth and hospitality of a small, country town.  Susie Mauldin, the owner, has done a terrific job in featuring tons of one-of-a-kind finds that you’ll only find at LimeLight. – and she also enjoys featuring local artisans.

Susie from LimeLight:)

Susie from LimeLight:)

LimeLight on the Marietta Square:)

It didn’t take long for the gals there to become big fans of NuMe:)  They have a beautiful variety to choose from and are encouraging folks to sniff away and pick their favorites.  You’ll find them at 67 Church Street, Marietta, GA 30060 or online at   Check them out and tell them ‘the soap girls sent ya…’

Ya’ll can also check us out – LIVE and in person – later on this week at The Unqiue Boutique being held this Thursday, April 25th  6a.-9p.  and  Friday, April 26th  9:30a.-1:30p.  at St. Brigid’s Catholic Church in Alpharetta. The show is being held in Corbett Hall.   Bring a friend and enjoy the shopping.  Proceeds fund all St. Brigid Mom’s Group Charitable works. (see for more info. and map to the church.)  Pick up a friend, grab a cup of coffee, spring out in this beautiful weather and swing by for some shopping and chatting it up with Dianne and I:)  We’d LOVE to see you:):)   Blessings… Marie

Introducing “Farmwoods”….Country Cottage Collection.

by • October 13, 2012

A Beautiful new line of salvaged wood trays!….  As many of you know my husband Larry is the creator and talent behind “Farmwoods”.  His rustic wood trays and mini soap crates are his latest creations.  Many of our retail shops already proudly display their NuMe Natural Soap on one of his awesome trays or a custom display piece that he made just for them.  His trays and other “this and that’s” we have  requested along the way,  have sort of been a part of our soap company from the beginning.  But make no mistake… husband is very happy to be an anonymous creator behind the scenes with little fanfare for himself, but every now and then I think a glimpse into the artist workshop helps the buyer understand the workmanship & hard work that goes into each and every piece.

  The new Collection, (inspired by our daughter Shanda), has beautiful touches of color in the hardware to bring a fresh new spin on these rustic hearty trays.  What do you get when you buy a Farmwoods handmade tray?  You get a one of a kind piece of art, with various toned wood grains, visible nails,… cracks, chips and other possible salvaged wood characteristics are all common.  It’s all part of it’s hard to resist charm,… it’s as if every piece has a story to tell.   NuMe Natural Soap will be displaying the new line in our booth at the upcoming Country Living Fair October 26th, 27th & 28th!  So come out to Stone Mountain to see the entire unveiled collection, and of course pick up our awesome show specials of all you favorite NuMe Natural  soaps!  We have some new items we can’t wait to share with you at the show by the way!  More blogging to come soon on NuMe going to the Country Living Fair for the 1st time!  It’s sure to be an adventure :)  By the way….we  love to hear from you, so please leave us a comment telling us how you like the look of this new line, or if you are planning on going to the Country Living Fair this year?  We have actually never been so fill us in on what is was like in previous years.  What did you like, what did you not like, you know all that good stuff :)  We thank all of you for your support and ongoing encouragement!

Exciting News!….NuMe Natural Soaps are now in Whole Foods!

by • August 30, 2012

Marie with Susan from Whole Foods

We have been dying to share some fun news with all of you for a while now but wanted to wait until it was completely official!……

Well now it is,  you can walk right in and find your locally made NuMe Natural Soap on the top shelf in the “Whole Body” dept in the Roswell, Ga Whole Foods.  We are hopeful to grow into other Whole Foods locations as well in the near future!  But this is an awesome start and we are so thankful and happy to be there!  A very special shout out to Susan Delettera, from Whole Foods- Whole Body Team Leader! She basically discovered us at a local craft show, and the rest is history as they say!  We have been working very closely with Susan for several months now.  She has walked us through the process of compliance, lots of paper work, and various steps necessary to be brought on board with Whole Foods!  Jeannie and Sylvia from the Whole Body Dept have also been amazingly supportive and welcoming to us, thank you girls you are the best!   So next time you are in the area be sure and pop in and check us out!  Located at 1180 Upper Hembree Road Roswell, GA 30076.   You will find all of your favorites as they have a full and lavish display of all our scents!  We will also be doing some in store demo’s from time to time,  we’ll let you know when we have the exact dates!   And…..a  special thanks to my husband Larry for creating us an awesome display piece from salvaged wood, he is always willing to make us whatever we might need for our soap biz!   And with both Marie and myself our entire families are always so supportive, from the little things to big things we are both so Blessed.

By the way, we’d love to hear from you!  Leave us a comment on this blog post about anything at all to enter yourself  into a drawing for a “FREE”  NuMe gift basket”!…….full of lots of goodies you will love, I promise :)

If you want a second entry (to double your chances) share this blog post on your FB page.

Thanks and good Luck !


Jeannie from Whole Foods

Great gift Idea for weddings, showers, and other special occasions!

by • July 23, 2012

Look what a cute gift idea for weddings & bridal showers! Mini Soap Crates with 2 of your favorite NuMe Natural Soap bars of your choice tied up in antique lace! The combination of the wonderful aroma and the simple beauty of it is a win win for sure! Let us know when you need something special and we will be happy to create gift sets that are special and unique just for you! E-mail us at and tell us all about the special occasion you have coming up and we’ll be happy to assist you in creating some really sweet and unique gifts sets you just can’t find anywhere else!  Whether it’s 50, 5 or just 1 gift set you need we are here for you, let us help.  We’ll discuss price, and how soon you need them when you contact us, we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Nest & Company to Host NuMe for a Good-Clean-Fun Event

by • June 27, 2012

It’s always something that my family looks forward too – going to visit my folks during the summer back in Louisiana.  We retreat to the farm out in the country away from all the hustle and bustle, bright lights and noise of the city.  In fact, the only noise you’ll hear are the bull frogs at night, and the only nighttime lights you’ll see are coming from lightning bugs and the stars.  My kidos enjoy their coffee with Grandma in the morning, then it’s down with breakfast and outside with Grandpa – getting into whatever Grandpa and grandchildren can find that’s interesting, fun and most of all DIRTY :)  They LOVE going fishing, finding ‘teasures’ in the barn, gathering eggs from the chicken house and getting their

Joey & Snowflake

visiting time with the numerous Noah’s Ark of a collection of animals on the farm.  We love it out there – it gives us a chance to realize we need to slow down a bit, regroup as a family and spend time with the ones we enjoy most.  My children are making memories helping Grandma in the garden, reaping the abundant crop of squash and zucchini that they have this year (they LOVE helping making zucchini bread) and counting down until the tomatoes are ready for harvesting and canning.  One week doesn’t seem to be long enough, but we’ll look forward to visiting again come this fall.

Something I love, almost as much as spending time on the farm, is sharing NuMe with those that LOVE IT as much as we do.  We found such a place with Nest & Company, another beautiful shop in Bossier City, Louisiana.  With the help of owner, Linda Wicker, and her shop of helpful ladies, NuMe has found another home.  It’s located right in the heart of the Boardwalk area – along side the Red River.  Over the past several months, Linda has quickly become a HUGE fan of NuMe and shares her love of our soap with her customers.  They keep a well stocked display of our soaps, with fresh shipments arriving as quickly as Linda can get them.  {She’s such a sweet, Southern lady.}  Nest & Company has very generously invited me to stop by for a visit and even a ‘meet-and-greet’ event while my family and I are in town next week.  We’re having a ‘Good-Clean-Fun Event’ that is sure to draw a big crowd with the warmth and charm of Linda’s shop.  I’m personally bringing in a large, fresh shipment of NuMe soaps – so they’ll be plenty on hand for all to sniff and share.  The ladies will be offering sweets, yummies to sip and their Southern hospitality.  I’ll be getting there around Noon on Sunday, July 1st and staying as long as folks are there – or until they kick me out – whichever comes first:)

Linda Wicker at Nest & Company

You’ll find them at:  524 Boardwalk Blvd., Bossier, City LA   Tel. (318) 741-9511   Feel free to stop in ANY time and say “Hey, Ya’ll.”   We’d love to see you:)  I’ll be posting pictures from my visit when I return to Georgia after our visit.  Until next time…..


We Found NuMe Fans in Louisiana Too

by • June 19, 2012
I’m proud to say that I grew up an ‘Air Force Brat’ and couldn’t be more proud of my father choosing a career serving his country and happier to have grown up traveling the world – along with my mother and sister.  When folks ask ‘where are you from,?’ I’m never really sure what my answer should be.  My home is – well, whereever my parents are.  My father retired from the service and settled in an area of Northeast Louisiana where we were once stationed, where I was born and an area of the country that they’ve always loved.

My family, here in Georgia, travel back to see them several times a year – loving the hospitality, visiting with family and friends, and of course, the FOOD:)  While visiting my folks earlier this spring, right smack in the middle of Mardi Gras, my mother told me about a charming shop that was a MUST SEE on our list of places to stop.  The shop was called Chinaberry located in Bossier City, Louisiana.  We stopped by, opened the doors and I was blown away my ALL the beautiful things from home furnishings to gourmet kitchen items, boutique clothing and gorgeous linens.  One thing that I thought maybe they were missing…. some NuMe.  I just so happened to have some soap out in the car and before we knew it, the gals in Chinaberry were sniffing and smelling away.  They were ALL so sweet and inviting.  They been carrying our soap for several months now and it’s doing great.  If you’re ever in the mood for a road trip, or might be in the area, check them out at:  1011 Chinaberry Drive, Bossier City, LA 71111. We’re delighted to have a new home there.

Bethany at Chinaberry

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