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NuMe Mentors Graduating Senior

by • June 9, 2015

Last fall, NuMe was contacted by a local high school senior inquiring about the artisanship of soap making and looking for a mentor for his Senior Project that had been assigned.  Needless to say, we were humbled and very excited about the opportunity.  Logan Case, a senior at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, GA, joined in at the soap shop getting a crash coarse in soap making, blending oils, cutting and curing natural soap.  It was alot to take in, but Logan got right in there and tackled it head on:)

Logan Mixing up a batch:)

Logan Mixing up a batch:)

As part of his project, he took step-by-step pictures of the entire process.

Safety first when mixing up lye water:)

Safety first when mixing up lye water:)

Logan asked tons of questions and really seemed to catch on quickly too.  Before we knew it, he was off on his own – making, cutting and stamping away.  The big day came this past spring when Logan presented his project to the judges at River Ridge High School – complete with a yummy grouping of mini bars to pass out, so the judges could smell his creations while he was presenting.  Needless to say, Logan received glowing remarks, compliments from the judges and finished with an ‘A’ for his hard work on the project.  He graduated just a few weeks ago and will be majoring in Film & Video at Georgia State this fall.

Logan and his parents Jim & Debra Case.

Logan and his parents Jim & Debra Case.

We’re excited for Logan to be starting this new chapter in his life and are SO proud of ALL that he’s accomplished:)  We wish him, and all recent graduates, much success.

Happy Summer:)



Sweet Scents & Sweet Deals for Valentine’s Day

by • January 31, 2015

IMG_3083The inspiration for our NuMe scents come from SO many different places and we’re super excited to share our NEWEST creation with you.!!   Teri Fezza, a kindred spirit of mine, has been a dear friend for many years.  We’re both Air Force brats – AND PROUD OF IT – both married to kind, Christian men – both Mom’s of great kids – both have busy lives keeping up with family, home and our businesses – AND, once a year, manage to take some time out just for US to sneak away to our little oasis in the North Georgia mountains for a Girls Weekend:):) …{sigh…}…

Teri came to us a while back and wanted to throw an idea out.   She was planning a Ladies Luncheon, for her husband’s business, and wanted a sweet favor just perfect for each of them.  With the luncheon being held around Valentine’s Day, she was thinking:  ‘Who doesn’t like Chocolate Covered Strawberries?”  She had the idea of taking the rich chocolate of our Mocha Mint Coffee Scrub and pairing it with the fresh, sweet scent of our Strawberry Seed – creating a luscious combination of Chocolate Covered Strawberries !!  The marriage of these two scents couldn’t be more perfect:)

NEW Chocolate Covered Strawberries

As a sweet deal to you, the Chocolate Covered Strawberries is now ON SALE for you and those you love:)  At the special price of $6.95ea. for a regular bar & $2.05 for mini’s, you can send your Sweet a special treat – and of course, tuck a few away for yourself too.  If you’ve placed an online order with us before, you’ll know that each order is packaged with thoughtfulness and care, sending secret surprises along with each order.

The Fezza's: Robert, Teri, Matthew & Megan

The Fezza’s: Robert, Teri, Matthew & Megan

SEE !! !!  They’re such a sweet family.  THANKS TERI !!  For being such a dear friend and giving us inspiration for this lovely NEW scent.  We hope all the ladies at the luncheon love it as much as we do.



Lov’in Our Mama’s with 20% off SALE

by • April 25, 2014

Well, since Spring is FINALLY here, we’re hoping the cold weather is outta here, making room for warmer days and many sunny skies ahead:)  You’ve heard that April showers bring May flowers, well they also bring a special Mother’s Day sale from the gals at NuMe.  As our fans have already seen on our Facebook page, we’ve been cook’in up several NEW goodies that are perfect for a unique and personal gift for someone special in your life — a mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, aunt, teacher, a neighbor or anyone that you might know who needs a little extra lov’in coming their way.  We’re here to make things easy for you:)


Not only will we pull the freshest bars from our shelves, but we’ll also add an extra personal touch when packaging up and shipping your order.  A personal note can be added; sharing with someone just how loved they really are:)  They can be across the country or right around the corner; we’ve gotcha covered.  Simply click on over to our online store at, choose from our fabulous hand-made soaps, perhaps paired with an iron soap dish & NEW Body Butter and use the Coupon Code: ilovemymama  at checkout and receive 20% OFF your entire online purchase.  The sale will be running from April 25th – May 10th.  Why not treat yourself too; YOU deserve it:):)


Everything’s BIGGER in Texas !!

by • July 25, 2013

Isn’t that what they say??  With Texas being SO big, we happened upon a FABULOUS hidden secret that we’d love to share.  The last time my family and I went to Louisiana to visit my folks, we made a day trip to Henderson, Texas, to check out a precious shop called Not So Shabby.  It’s located in downtown at 110 East Main, Henderson TX  75652.   If peering into their gorgeous front windows weren’t enough – stepping IN is a MUST.

Fabulous old wall sink:)

             Jena Williams and her creative team there at the shop have boundless creativity when it come to having an eye for unqiue items, not only to have in your home, but to wear too.  I’ve attached a little eye candy for y’all below… Shabby15

LOVE the ladders to use in the display:):)

LOVE the ladders to use in the display:):)


Beau-Ti-Ful :):)

Beau-Ti-Ful :):)

 For more information on their shop, you can check out their FB page – Not So Shabby:)  You can check out their page for more ‘happenings’ with them.  We’re SO pleased to have our very first store in Texas to carry NuMe – and the town of Henderson itself couldn’t be cuter:)

With the summer passing before we know it, there’s just enough time to grab a friend, pack a bag and hit the open road for a ‘Thelma & Louise’ road trip through the south.  Y’all enjoy the summer sun:) 


GOOD to the Last Drop + Coming Soon

by • August 28, 2012

Dianne and I are over to moon when we hear from our customers and other NuMe lovers.  We’ve found over time that we’re getting some of the same questions from folks – ‘I LOVE the soap, but only have a little sliver left – what am I supposed to DO with it?’   This is music to our ears !!  For one:  it means that we can hook them up with some more awesome soap – maybe even a scent they haven’t tried before – Two:  we can share the many, many ways that we’ve found to use your bars down to the last drop.  {YEP – we’re totally into repurposing around here.}    It’s a fabulous luxury to place a sliver of any of our Lavender soaps in your pillowcase – Lavender is a relaxing and soothing scent.   While you’re running your bathwater (yes, take some YOU time and take a soaking bath)  toss in a small piece of soap, making the water silky and leaving your skin nourished and smooth.

Summertime in Georgia

Have a sports bag that might be smell’n a little funky – you know what to do.  {I actually popped a small scrap in my son’s football bag with out him knowing!!  He’s none the wiser – but I’m not turning green anymore when I unzip the bag -Ewww.}  Make your dresser drawer smell fresh and clean because you’ve tucked a small piece back in the drawer.

This next one is my FAV.:::  I love summer and all, but aside from the heat, what I DON’T like are the BUGS !!  I ran across this little tidbit, thought I would try it — and low and behold — IT WORKED !!  Take a scrap or small piece that you have left over, wet it a little, then rub the damp piece directly on your skin.  The natural ingredients in our soap make the bug bites stop itching!!  Genius !! !! The first time that I actually tried this, I was literally driving down the road, had a slice of soap in my truck and started rubbing the dry bar on a bite.  It seemed to work instantly.  What a RELIEF !!  Other scents that the bugs aren’t crazy about are: Peppermint and Eucalyptus Mint.  Use these scents as an ‘all-over’ wash too and critters will be keeping their distance.  NIRVANA !! !!

We’ve shared a hand-full of secrets with you….. now for some fun we have in store for you this Fall from NuMe:)

COMING SOON:  Our online store is soon going to be having a NEW addition!!   Bit’s & Pieces are soon to become a must-have.’  These are individual bags with a hefty 15oz. of our natural soap tucked inside.  Each bag contains random selections of various sized soap Bits & Pieces – a piece from the end of a loaf, discontinued scents, experimental batch pieces – no two pieces are the same within one bag.  These bars are made with the same quality ingredients as all of our NuMe Natural Soap.  They’re not labeled or wrapped – so be prepared for a little surprise.  And….  you guessed it …. you can use it for the helpful hints that we’ve listed above:):)  Look for the addition to our store soon !! !!

Enjoy the rest of August:)                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Marie.

Nest & Company to Host NuMe for a Good-Clean-Fun Event

by • June 27, 2012

It’s always something that my family looks forward too – going to visit my folks during the summer back in Louisiana.  We retreat to the farm out in the country away from all the hustle and bustle, bright lights and noise of the city.  In fact, the only noise you’ll hear are the bull frogs at night, and the only nighttime lights you’ll see are coming from lightning bugs and the stars.  My kidos enjoy their coffee with Grandma in the morning, then it’s down with breakfast and outside with Grandpa – getting into whatever Grandpa and grandchildren can find that’s interesting, fun and most of all DIRTY :)  They LOVE going fishing, finding ‘teasures’ in the barn, gathering eggs from the chicken house and getting their

Joey & Snowflake

visiting time with the numerous Noah’s Ark of a collection of animals on the farm.  We love it out there – it gives us a chance to realize we need to slow down a bit, regroup as a family and spend time with the ones we enjoy most.  My children are making memories helping Grandma in the garden, reaping the abundant crop of squash and zucchini that they have this year (they LOVE helping making zucchini bread) and counting down until the tomatoes are ready for harvesting and canning.  One week doesn’t seem to be long enough, but we’ll look forward to visiting again come this fall.

Something I love, almost as much as spending time on the farm, is sharing NuMe with those that LOVE IT as much as we do.  We found such a place with Nest & Company, another beautiful shop in Bossier City, Louisiana.  With the help of owner, Linda Wicker, and her shop of helpful ladies, NuMe has found another home.  It’s located right in the heart of the Boardwalk area – along side the Red River.  Over the past several months, Linda has quickly become a HUGE fan of NuMe and shares her love of our soap with her customers.  They keep a well stocked display of our soaps, with fresh shipments arriving as quickly as Linda can get them.  {She’s such a sweet, Southern lady.}  Nest & Company has very generously invited me to stop by for a visit and even a ‘meet-and-greet’ event while my family and I are in town next week.  We’re having a ‘Good-Clean-Fun Event’ that is sure to draw a big crowd with the warmth and charm of Linda’s shop.  I’m personally bringing in a large, fresh shipment of NuMe soaps – so they’ll be plenty on hand for all to sniff and share.  The ladies will be offering sweets, yummies to sip and their Southern hospitality.  I’ll be getting there around Noon on Sunday, July 1st and staying as long as folks are there – or until they kick me out – whichever comes first:)

Linda Wicker at Nest & Company

You’ll find them at:  524 Boardwalk Blvd., Bossier, City LA   Tel. (318) 741-9511   Feel free to stop in ANY time and say “Hey, Ya’ll.”   We’d love to see you:)  I’ll be posting pictures from my visit when I return to Georgia after our visit.  Until next time…..


We Found NuMe Fans in Louisiana Too

by • June 19, 2012
I’m proud to say that I grew up an ‘Air Force Brat’ and couldn’t be more proud of my father choosing a career serving his country and happier to have grown up traveling the world – along with my mother and sister.  When folks ask ‘where are you from,?’ I’m never really sure what my answer should be.  My home is – well, whereever my parents are.  My father retired from the service and settled in an area of Northeast Louisiana where we were once stationed, where I was born and an area of the country that they’ve always loved.

My family, here in Georgia, travel back to see them several times a year – loving the hospitality, visiting with family and friends, and of course, the FOOD:)  While visiting my folks earlier this spring, right smack in the middle of Mardi Gras, my mother told me about a charming shop that was a MUST SEE on our list of places to stop.  The shop was called Chinaberry located in Bossier City, Louisiana.  We stopped by, opened the doors and I was blown away my ALL the beautiful things from home furnishings to gourmet kitchen items, boutique clothing and gorgeous linens.  One thing that I thought maybe they were missing…. some NuMe.  I just so happened to have some soap out in the car and before we knew it, the gals in Chinaberry were sniffing and smelling away.  They were ALL so sweet and inviting.  They been carrying our soap for several months now and it’s doing great.  If you’re ever in the mood for a road trip, or might be in the area, check them out at:  1011 Chinaberry Drive, Bossier City, LA 71111. We’re delighted to have a new home there.

Bethany at Chinaberry

Join Us at the Sweet P’s Festival

by • April 28, 2012

Our display is UP, the soap is OUT and the yummy smells are wafting through the air.  We’re excited to once again be participating in The Sweet P’s Arts Festival this weekend.  This is a super fun show with a little bit of something for everyone – good food, music and of course the coolest vendors.  This festival has action happening both inside and outside.  Dianne and I will be in the Fellowship Hall, right as you walk in – but, when in doubt – FOLLOW THE SMELL !! !! :)

We’ve put together some awesome specials, including our signature Chickenwire baskets and an extra added treat for every person who makes a purchase during the show this weekend.  Psst…  you’ll have to come to the show to find out what it is…..

The festival is located at the Episcopal Church of St. Peter & Paul at 1795 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta.  It runs Saturday, 10a.-5p. and Sunday Noon-5p.  You’ll see signs all up and down Johnson Ferry Road pointing the way.  So grab the family, grab the girlfriends or just take some quite YOU time – we’d LOVE to see you either way.


NuMe In Cartersville !! !!

by • March 5, 2012

With NuMe totally being a family business, you can never tell where the inspiration  for exposure is going to come from.  After finishing up with some work a while back in Cartersville, my husband decided leave the breifcase, jacket and tie in his truck and went to check out some of the local sights and shops around the historic downtown area.  He was amazed to find this awesome area tucked ‘Under the Bridge’ just off the main square.  Room Within caught his eye and he KNEW it would be a perfect home for NuMe.  He was SO right.  He promptly came home, told me all about and before we knew it, our whole family was on a Saturday road trip up to Cartersville. 

Room Within is a hip, earthly home accessories and interior design shop.  We fell in love with all of the rustic and beautiful way they put accessories together and make them perfect for your home.  We met Renee working there that day, settled in on a comfy sofa  and decide which scents would be a match of  their store.  With the warmer, spring-like weather getting closer and closer, it’s time to get outside – time to take a road trip and time to check out the delightful Room Within in Cartersville.


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NuYear -NuSale – NuMe, Oh MY !!

by • January 28, 2012

Aaahhh – we’re almost an entire month into the new year and NuMe is starting off with a BANG!  Dianne and I have had a chance to come down a bit from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but are quickly getting back into “SOAP MODE” by filling our homes with the aromas.  Some NEW scents are even in the works for the Spring too.  **Stay tuned for those developments.**

While participating in several shows this past fall, we found that sharing our love of NuMe soap also meant sharing our experiences and helpful tips that go right along with it.  We’ve told countless customers that we use our natural soap in the shower each and every day.  In doing this, we of course want to get as much life out of the soap as possible.  The BIGGEST way to do this is to stand your NuMe soap straight up – with the butterfly facing you.  (Laying your soap down on its side tends to make it a little soggy and it may not last as long.)  Try it yourself – your soap will Thank You:)

January is wrapping up quickly – hard to believe – Febuary is around the corner and you know what THAT means.  Valentine’s Day – woo hoo.  Whether you’re surprising a friend with the great gift of NuMe, buying a little ‘pick-me-up’ for yourself, or perhaps, shipping a Valentine gift across the miles – NOW is a perfect time to indulge.  From now until February 14th – our online store is offering 20% OFF each bar.  That, PLUS  get FREE shipping on all orders over $50.  Woo-Hoo!!  It’s the best of both worlds.  Please enter the sale code:  VALENTINE20  at check out to receive our special offer.

NuMe has the BEST customers around – and Dianne & I can’t wait to hear from you.

Your SoapGirl,



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